Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Risks worth taking!

Today I took a huge business risk and ordered 4 entire bolts of fabric. I plan to create a summer 'collection' of kid's clothing with these fabrics--and only these fabrics, unless special orders come about.

My sewing machine also shipped out today--which is so exciting!

I have been looking up 'successful small business' tips and techniques, and hopefully will keep finding ways to network and spread the word about my work--because I really am quite passionate about it!

The best advice I have read so far is never even think of failure--so I'm not! Things will pick up nicely with time--I believe that!

I spent the day designing the summer clothes and cutting out the patterns in multiple sizes I plan to make. I also cut out 3 little dresses and 2 skirts; I plan to list them on my etsy site until Friday. If none of them sell by then I will possibly leave the listings as a 'I can make this for you' advertisement, BUT I am taking them to the gallery on Tybee. I want to get more out there ASAP!

Off to sew some more!

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